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Kindly fill in the following adoption application. When finished, print a copy for yourself, then hit the SUBMIT button (this form will be emailed directly to an SOS representative). Call Wendy at 770.385.3520 after you submit this form. All applicants must be 21 years of age or older.

Animal Information

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PetSmart Lilburn/Stone Mountain PetSmart Lawrenceville Petfinder Atlanta Pets

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Fence Height 3 Feet 4 Feet 5 Feet 6 Feet
Fence Type Chain LinkWood/Privacy Farm Fence Electric

Reason for adopting a pet (check all that apply):
Family Pet Gift or Surprise Breeding Child's Pet
Companion for another pet. Guarding/Watchdog Hunting
Other (please specify)

What circumstances, in your mind, justify giving up a pet (check all that apply)?
Moving New Baby Not getting along with other pets. Excessive Shedding
Allergies Children Lost Interest Too time consuming. Medical Problems
Too old/cannot breed. Housebreaking Problems Divorce
Behavioral Problems (scratching, urination) Other (please specify)

Is anyone in the home allergic to animals? Yes No
Are there any children in the house? Yes No
If children are present, please specify their ages.
Are you willing to provide a permanent home for this animal for the next 10-15 years? YesNo
Are you adopting this animal for someone else? YesNo If yes, for whom?

Your Current Pet Information

Do you have any current pets? Yes No
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Are your current pets spayed or neutered? Yes No
Are your current pets current on vaccines? Yes No
What brand food are you currently feeding your pets?
What brand flea preventative do you use?

Are your CATS Indoors Exclusively Outdoors Exclusively Indoors and Outdoors
What percentage of time would the cat you adopt spend indoors? %
Are your current CATS declawed? Yes No
Would you consider declawing the cat you are applying for? Yes No

Are your DOGS on heartworm prevention? Yes No
If so, what brand heartworm prevention do you use?
Do your dogs have ID tags and collars? Yes No
Do you have your dog groomed regularly by a professional? Yes No
Would you consider crate training your dog? Yes No
Would you consider professional pet training classes? Yes No

Your Previous Pet Information

Did you have any previous pets? Yes No
Please check all that apply. Cats How many?
Dogs How many?
Were your previous pets spayed or neutered? Yes No
Were your previous pets current on vaccines? Yes No

Please explain why you no longer have these pets.

What is your veterinarian's name or clinic name (past or present, in state or out of state) and phone?
What city is your veterinarian located?
Can a representative of SOS contact your veterinarian as a reference? Yes No
Would you be willing to allow a representative of SOS to visit your home by appointment? Yes No
Have you applied for a pet with another rescue group? Yes No
If so, with whom did you apply?
If you are unable to keep your pet for any reason, would your return the cat to SOS? Yes No

Applicant Signature
Typing your name in the box serves as a written signature.
By hitting the submit button below, I am testifying to the truthfulness of my answers. Falsificaiton of any of the above information will be grounds for disallowing the adoption of rescue animal and possible removal of said animal from my home. In addition, I agree to let a representative of Save Our Strays, Inc. contact my veterinarian as a reference. By signing below, I agree to assume all responsibility for any and all risk, damage or injury that may occur to myself, any individual or any property while handling any cats of S.O.S. Applicant must be 21 years of age or older. All Save Our Strays, Inc. representative reserve the right to refuse any applicant.

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