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Feline Spay 55
Feline Neuter 35
Canine Spay 65
Canine Neuter 60
Add 10 for animals over 50 pounds.
Add 15-25 for pregnant/in heat females.

Thanks to Drs. Wise and Perry and the mandatory spay/neuter policy of S.O.S., Inc., there are . . .
less canine or feline reproductive organs in this world since 24 September 2002!

...too many to count...
Save Our Strays Links
Reduced Cost Spay/Neuter Programs in Georgia
Preventing Euthanasia Through Sterilization
Assists with sterilization surgery for companion animals and ferals.
Paradox Farm Spay and Neuter
Feline Neuter $35
Feline Spay $55
Canine Neuter $60
Canine Spay $65
Additional fees for larger breeds and pregnant/in heat females.
Humane Services
A mobile reduced cost spay/neuter veterinary team coming to your county soon! Spays are $55.00, neuters are $35.00! Price includes vaccines too! Check out project catsnip!
Spay and Neuter Team of Atlanta
Animal Welfare Websites
Lifeline Animal Project
Join Project Pawprint
organized by Lifeline Animal Project (LAP)
Lifeline Animal Project's searchable listings of animals available for adoption in Atlanta area shelters and rescue organizations.
American Humane Association
S.O.S., Inc. is an Agency Associate Member of the American Humane Association-Animal Welfare
What We Do
Save Our Strays, Inc. is dedicated to companion animal rescue serving th metro-Atlanta area. Our objective is to work closely with local animal control to reduce the number of animals destined for euthanasia by placing them up for adoption.

Our rescued companion animals are treated with proper veterinary care--they are tested, current on all vaccinations, examined and spayed or neutered prior to adoption. Only then, we adopt them to the best loving home.

As a non-profit organization with federal tax exempt status (501(c)3), we have several goals:

1. To reduce the pet overpopulation by implementing a strict, mandatory sterilization plan.

2. To serve the community by reducing the number of animals euthanized each year--the numbers are staggering.

3. Provide adopters alternative avenues in pet adoption. By making pet adoptions easily accessible, the demand for 'puppymill' puppies and kittens "for sale" will be insignificant.

Adopting a homeless animal saves two lives-- that of whom you are adopting as well as the animal that will take his or her place at our shelter.
Donate to Save Our Strays, Inc.
Save Our Strays, Inc. graciously accepts donations on behalf of the cats and dogs. We are a 501(c)3 federal tax exempt organization and your donations are tax deductible.

Donations can be made to Save Our Strays, Inc. and mailed to P.O.BOX 961 Monroe, Georgia 30655.
Save Our Strays Affiliates
The following affiliates are dedicated to helping us help homeless pets! If you make an online purchase through links on our pages, the affiliates will make a gracious donation to our rescue group! Thank you for your help!
BEAT THE HEAT! Click on the cat/dog image below to find out where you can have a CAT SPAYED for only 25!!!! Get her spayed before she goes into HEAT!!!
S.O.S., Inc. would like to thank Drs. Wise and Perry for examining our foster animals and allowing us to utilize Monroe Animal Care Hospital for treatment, surgeries and quarantine. They are always willing to help assist us in our every need and she performs our surgeries at minimal cost! We are truly grateful to have the very best veterinarians working closely at our side.
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